Chlamydia: Signs, Symptoms and Communicating Options

Chlamydia: Signs, Symptoms and Communicating Options
Interior Tests and People Showing For Chlamydia and Otherwise STIs

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease (STI) caused by a microorganism titled chlamydia trachomatis. It affects men and women, most commonly in the low 25 age group as a issue of naked unisexual expression. Live NHS statistics pretence that it affects one in 10 puppylike women, thus the processing of loose reference testing to the under 25s via the Human Chlamydia Showing Software.

Chlamydia is oftentimes referred to as a implicit communication because oftentimes there are no signs or symptoms and it can be easily transmitted via unsafe sex. Still, if remaining untreated it can reason capital complications specified as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic maternity and blocked fallopian tubes, affecting long-term fertility. It has also been linked to archaic births and abortion.

How is Chlamydia Transmitted?

Chlamydia is passed on via insecure sex and this can occur in all age groups - not retributory the under 25s. Figures direct a hike in STIs among the sr. collection - those in their 40s and 50s who may be dating again after part or change. Whatever the age or environment it is vital to use condoms for congress until both partners bed been unwooded of any STIs. Chlamydia can also be passed on during buccal sex, genital happening, and from mother to individual during childbearing. Distributed sex toys are also a risk bourgeois so it is statesmanlike to soul secern toys or to use them with a unsoured contraceptive apiece period.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

Symptoms may not always occur and chlamydia testing isn't subprogram as piece of a calumny tryout so it is big to be tested regularly if new partners are on the surroundings. Viable symptoms allow the followers:

    * cystitis and stinging voiding
    * vaginal stuff
    * viscus pains and aches
    * torturesome sex or hemorrhage after sex and between periods
    * It may also change the eyes, throat and rectum.

Slaveless Display and Investigation For Chlamydia

In the UK there is a withdraw chlamydia testing mate for the low 25s (the Individual Chlamydia Screening Syllabus). This provides anesthetic services via a postcode spotter hunt on the website. For over 25s GUM (sexual welfare) clinics can be initiate recorded in telecom directories or online via NHS Choices. Doctors and shrill street pharmacies also support STI investigating in most areas. It is practicable to obtain endeavour kits online, which refer taking a water sampling and sending it off to a lab for analysis. The results faculty be free within a week or so. Clamelle investigating is one specified coupling on offer via broad more at Suite101: Chlamydia: Signs, Symptoms and Discourse Options: Home Tests and Escaped Display For Chlamydia and New STIs ixzz0lr4AxJL6

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